When Dave left his hometown of Orlando for the University of Florida to major in Microbiology, he had the lofty goal of one day becoming a geneticist who could use the information being gathered in the Human Genome Project to cure all hereditary diseases afflicting mankind by manipulating our DNA. Instead he graduated wanting to write sitcoms.

In 2008, Dave was accepted into the Warner Bros. Writers Workshop, which helped him get staffed on the Kelsey Grammer show “Hank” for ABC. Then he went on to write for the Disney Channel sitcom “Jessie,” TBS’s “Ground Floor,” and TV Land’s “The Soul Man.”

Currently, he’s expanding beyond the writers’ room and breaking into development. Dave hopes to create one of those classic sitcoms that audiences carry with them for a lifetime. But the truth is, he probably needs at least three of those series to make up for the fact he’s not in a lab somewhere curing diabetes, anemia, or hemophilia. Or at the very least… color blindness.