F.R. Drakaea - Writer


F.R. Drakaea was born into a cult which he and his parents escaped when he was five years old. The cult brainwashed his parents, put the family through controlling sleep deprivation, and cut them off from everyone they knew. At last, his parents mustered the courage to get away but their marriage was shattered in the process. Ever since, F.R. has been awed by the power stories have over people — not only to control them, but to inspire, evoke, change, and heal. His life has been filled with adventures great, strange, and terrible. These fun, intense, and bizarre experiences enable him to create unique yet relatable stories. He studied playwriting and world mythology at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and then moved to Chicago to work as a playwright. His plays have been produced in Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles. His feature film script FOX & THE WAR placed as a Semi-Finalist (Top 25) in the Tracking Board’s feature competition, in the top 20% of Austin Film Festival, and as a Quarter-Finalist in the Nicholl Fellowship. Currently, F.R. is staffed on Tyler Perry’s BET+ series RUTHLESS. He’s also developing OLIVIDAME, a series that explores the thin line between mental illness and creative genius, with Appian Way attached to produce with Mando Alvarado showrunning and Juan Carlos Medina set to direct.