When one’s father has three Academy Awards, who better to consult if contemplating a career path in entertainment? Graham’s dad (Alex Funke, ASC) did what most dads do and encouraged him to try his hand at something a little less heartbreaking; Graham, in kind, did what most sons do and ignored that fatherly advice, studying film at USF and UCLA, and appearing in a slew of national TV commercials. Having spent the last decade as a touring DJ, performing at marquee venues around the world, his writing style emerged from the chaos of life on the road, authoring several music-related pieces for various publications, and culminating in 2013 with an EDM-themed script sale to New Regency. Most of his words are composed in hotel rooms and airport lounges from city-to-city, which he finds to be a much richer source of inspiration than sitting in some cluttered office, as it relates to the tales of criminal enterprise, political misbehavior, and sociological eccentricities that interest him.