Harold Hölscher graduated from the CityVarsity School of Media and Creative Arts.

He was catapulted to prominence when his short film, iBali won awards for best directing, cinematography, animation, acting and overall excellence at the NTVA’s Stone Awards in 2003. The film was consequently selected for screening at several international festivals including the African Film Festival (Milan), the Commonwealth Film Festival (UK), the Genoa Film Festival and Cape Town World Cinema Festival. It was running in competition at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland in 2005.

He has made four more films each of which exploring interesting subject matters. His film called ‘The first time’ follows a Khoi San father and son in their way back from a hunt, they discover a shipwreck and a lone survivor in the desert. Telling the story from the viewpoint of the old Khoi San man 450 years ago.

Adding to his competence as a director is his ability to direct multi-cultural crews. Having worked with various ethnicities ranging from Zulu to Khoi San, Afrikaners and Sesothos, he possesses a unique capacity to unite and communicate effectively with diversely appointed teams. He has studied the works of Credo Mutwa, a well-respected specialist on the Zulu tribe, and it is his fervid interest in the trials and tribulations of African cultures as well as his love for dramatic cinema that compel him to choose his stories.

His short film LANGSAAN garnered an directing award at the SILWERSKERMFEES in South Africa 2017.

The haunting subject matter and theatrical demands of his first feature ‘8’ will present his vision to a worldwide audience. The vision to bring African stories to the fore.

His slate of features revolves around African Futurism, culture, spirituality and ideology. High concept films stretching through genres.