Jase Miles-Perez - Writer


Jase Miles-Perez has spent the last three seasons as a writer for ABC’s record breaking medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. During his time on Grey’s he’s had the opportunity to produce over 10 episodes of the show including season premiers and finales, and writing the mid-season finale of the season 18, currently airing. Previously, he has worked on studio and independent movies released by Warner Bros., CBS Films, 20th Century Fox, and IFC Films, among others, and was an Executive Producer of the 2016 web series We’ve Been Around, an anthology of short films about transgender pioneers released by Focus Features.

In 2008, Jase took a detour from film to pursue his passion for the field of Medical Humanities. As a member of the inaugural class of Columbia University’s graduate program in Narrative Medicine, he went on to teach at Columbia University and Medical College, and CUNY Medical School. A native New Yorker, Jase is always happy to talk the Upper West Side, diners, Outkast vs Simon & Garfunkel, chicken n’ rice, and the tortures of Knicks fandom.