Raised in the hills of Kentucky by a proud pack of gun toting wolves who were as romantic as they were tough, John Hensley developed a tenacious love of both adventure and storytelling at an early age. From Harold and Maude, to Alien, to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, to Romeo and Juliet, John’s mother made sure that he was immersed in worlds that reached far beyond his own. From horseback riding, to hunting, to outdoor living, to developing a love for the written word, John’s father made sure he was primed to attack the world in front of him. Looking back, it seems inevitable that he would feel the pull of something greater and set out the moment he turned eighteen to wrangle horses in the mountains of Wyoming, and see what life on the road was all about. Satisfied with the cowboy lifestyle, but wanting more from life, it was off to New York (via too many twists and turns for a cute bio) to write plays. However, before he could become the next Sam Shepard, he started to get acting work on numerous television series and films. Though this quickly became his credited profession, he used his experiences on set to further develop his skillset as a complete storyteller. New York led to Los Angeles, where he has continued to work and reside ever since. A father, a husband, and every bit still a member of the pack that raised him, Hensley can be found most days sitting behind the computer screen working his fingers, or aboard his motorcycle, somewhere in the southern California mountains. Regardless of where you find him though, you can be damned sure that he’s welcoming the adventure to unfold, and for the story to be told.

That last sentence rhymed, by the way… you’re welcome.