Karl Slominski - Writer


KARL SLOMINSKI was raised on a steady diet of high-flying escapism that leapt off the dog-eared pages of his favorite comic books and an endless supply of stereo-shredding rock n’ roll. Slominski attended the industry-renown KUBERT SCHOOL OF CARTOONING AND GRAPHIC ART and his breakout, creator-owned graphic novella “TEETER TOPPLE” was championed as a cult hit, hailed by Newsarama as a 9/10, calling it “a work of true vision and heart, Karl Slominski wears his heart on his sleeve as does his book and us, the readers, are all the better for it.” He has gone on to co-create the vampiric coming-of-age bloodbath CULT OF IKARUS from Scout Comics, and has a slate of yet-to-be-announced comic projects coming in the next year. Aside from his prolific comic book work, he’s done numerous concept illustrations, storyboarding and graphic design for projects developed for 20th Century Studios, Shudder, and Netflix.