Kenny Hillman - WRITER


Kenny Hillman is an award-winning TV writer who specializes in dark comedy. In 2007 Kenny co-founded a film collective in NYC while obtaining his MFA from Columbia University’s film program studying with Andy Bienen (Boys Don’t Cry) and a slew of other talented professors. With the collective he wrote, produced and directed shorts and was fortunate enough to produce a short co-written by Ethan Coen. These shorts won audience awards domestically and abroad, aired on Logo and were distributed in the U.S. and Canada. In 2012 Kenny graduated from Columbia University’s MFA Film Program with a focus in screenwriting. Since then he has focused entirely on TV writing and his specs and original pilots have been finalists and placed consistently at screenwriting competitions including AFF, The Page Awards, the Sundance Episodic Lab, and Filmmakers International just to name a few.

As a transgender writer, Kenny is able to write from a multi-gendered experience and often features characters that are outsiders. Growing up watching dark British comedies with his mom, Kenny was first exposed to writing that, although tragic, still made him belly laugh and now endeavors to do the same. When not writing Kenny can be found riding his motorcycle through his new stomping ground of Los Angeles or playing with his freakishly cute twins and small herd of rescue animals.