LJ Johnson - Writer / Director


LJ Johnson is a writer/director from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She recently worked on a project for HBOMax coming out in 2023, and was named one of the top thirty directors to watch for SHOOT MAGAZINE in 2021. She was chosen as one of the Fellows for the prestigious Commercial Directors Diversity Program. Over seven hundred directors applied and five were chosen.

LJ has directed over 20 commercials and written and directed award-winning short films. She is currently shopping her dark comedy feature film, BEING CYBIL, and working on numerous pilot scripts. One of her pilots, ANTEPARTUM, is inspired by her two-month hospital stay in the Antepartum Ward, where women stay when their unborn child’s life is gravely at risk. LJ likes to use real life pain and trauma and her unique sense of humor to turn the story on its head.

INSTAGRAM: @LJtheatrics