As an only child in the rural mountains near Taos, New Mexico, Michael grew up creating stories and sharing them with the sagebrush. His love for drama was cultivated further at the North Carolina School for the Arts where he studied classical theatre. After a brief career as a stage actor, Michael came to realize that his true passion lies in the creation and exploration of characters’ stories rather than in the performance of them.

Since that time, Michael has endeavored to soak up as many stories as possible. He has taught English in Spain, spent two years on an Ambulance as an EMT, tended too many bars, and currently subsidizes his writing as a boutique wine broker.

He completed his studies at USC Film School, graduating ‘with distinction’ from the MFA program in Writing for Film and Television. Michael has worked for a number of production companies both re-writing existing material and creating original works to meet specific production needs. He recently completed his first TV Pilot and is hoping to establish a lasting career in both mediums.