Munirah Safiyah Jones is a vivacious creative, born and raised in Memphis, TN. One of 10 children born to a factory worker father and an award-winning stage actress mother, Munirah has always had a talent for comedic writing, crafting compelling stories and willing a suspension of disbelief from an audience. She began exploring filmmaking as a teen, helming everything from short films to music videos, and went on to work in television news while attending the University of Memphis, where she earned her Bachelors in Communications with a concentration in Film and Video. She developed an explosive online presence with her animated viral video: “Dating in 2018 – How Men Communicate” – which she wrote, animated and voiced – and is quickly gaining an intrigued audience through her combination of live-action and animated short videos. She currently serves as Sr. Production Specialist for a billion-dollar financial services company based in New York, where she creates engaging videos for e-Learning courses, conferences, social media and the web.