Roni & Margaret met in Chicago where Margaret became a frequent guest at Roni’s house for the Jewish holidays, because Roni had a real condo and makes better food.

They moved to LA in 2013 (separately, not together) and immediately realized that they didn’t have any other friends in LA. So they reluctantly and then aggressively became best friends and work wives.

After a short night of tea and cake because Margaret goes to bed at like, 9:30 (Roni! No I don’t!), they discovered that they’d both had abortions at the same Chicago clinic (separately, not together) and that there was a dearth of comedic abortion stories in the world.  And so CTRL ALT DELETE was born. They created, wrote, produced, directed and acted in the now twice Emmy-nominated short form workplace comedy, set in an abortion clinic. The Guardian called it “the bravest TV show in America.”

They’ve also had several shorts in the film festival circuit, and gotten a bunch of other awards and fun hardware. They also wear other hats, Roni as an actor, Margaret as director/actor.

You can usually find them at each other’s houses, writing, cooking (Roni), playing trivia, and correcting each other’s grammar (Margaret).

They are currently working towards world domination and the perfect curly bang, not necessarily in that order.