Zoe Samuel - Writer


Zoe Samuel is a UK-born writer who previously wrote the personality of Google’s digital assistant, creating conversation and comedy for a character as helpful as JARVIS, as cute as WALL-E, an as English as C3PO – all for an audience of over 500 million. She also wrote for LaMDA, Google’s conversational AI.

Current narrative projects include a biopic for Tony Award-winning producer Jenna Segal, a comedy with producer Dani Faith Leonard, and an upcoming novel based on the true story of Tony Samuel, a Deaf Jewish spy in World War Two. Previous theater and film work has appeared on stages and screens from Edinburgh Fringe Festival, H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and others; and on platforms including Refinery29, The Mary Sue, Funny or Die, Entertainment Weekly, etc.

Samuel co-founded a 3500-member climate solutions group at Google, now supporting over 40 climate and sustainability teams & projects. Otherwise she can be found hiking, playing piano, and befriending as many dogs as possible.