HVE Client Britt Brewer is a writer on Quibi’s Last Night’s Late Night – how to watch the late-night TV slate now

By Tyler Aquilina

It took some time, but almost every late-night TV show has now made the jump to at-home production, bringing you new installments while still following social distancing rules to combat the coronavirus outbreak. The new late-night landscape can be a little confusing — as a lot of things are these days — so EW has put together this handy guide to what’s still on and where you can catch it.

Starting Monday, Entertainment Weekly be bringing you a more in-depth breakdown of late night with our new Quibi show, Last Night’s Late Night. Hosted by Heather Gardner, the daily recap series will highlight the smartest monologues, best interviews, and must-see sketches from the previous evening’s shows. (Download Quibi here.) And yes, Gardner will also be filming her show at home. In the meantime, read on for an overview of late night’s new look.

The Tonight Show

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on NBC, streaming on NBC.com and YouTube

The Tonight Show shape-shifted into quarantine format fairly quickly, as host Jimmy Fallon started hosting short “At Home Edition” videos on the show’s YouTube channel on March 17. The next day, NBC began integrating the “At Home” segments into Tonight Show broadcasts, coupled with highlights from old episodes. Guests have included Lin-Manuel Mirandaand Adam Sandler, with their remote interviews featuring plenty of Fallon’s signature playfulness (Sandler, for instance, sang a fun song paying tribute to doctors and nurses). Fallon’s adorable daughters also might hold the title for cutest at-home support staff.

The Late Show

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS, streaming on CBS.com and CBS All Access

Stephen Colbert delivered a few surprise monologues from unique locations in his home — including his bathtub and his barbecue pit — before returning to his regular time slot with new shows on March 30. “Welcome, one and all, to A Late Show. I’m your host Stephen Colbert. It’s good to be back. What have I missed? Anything…anything big?” Colbert quipped at the beginning of his first show back. He’s chosen to retain his formal attire for his at-home shows, noting, “A, it gives me the sense that I’m at a job, and B, I do not have a physique that lends itself to casual clothing. I just want to do anything to make things seem somewhat normal. That’s why I’m wearing full makeup and I shaved my legs.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 12:05 a.m. on ABC, streaming on ABC.com

Jimmy Kimmel also posted several “quarantine minilogues” to YouTube during his hiatus, but has now resumed new episodes, taping from “the only room in [his] house not completely crusted in Play-Doh,” as he quipped during his first monologue in the new format. The at-home episodes boast a hand-drawn intro, courtesy of Kimmel’s daughter, that rivals Fallon’s in the cuteness department, and such guests as Jennifer Aniston and Samuel L. Jackson, who advised viewers to “stay the f— at home” via a new bedtime story from the author of Go the F— to Sleep.

Late Night

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 12:35 a.m. on NBC, streaming on NBC.com

Seth Meyers has taken the same hybrid approach as Fallon, airing old highlights alongside new taped-at-home segments (such as Meyers’ signature “A Closer Look”) and remote interviews, with guests including Meyers’ former Weekend Update co-anchor Amy Poehler, who joined the host in a reprise of “Really?!? With Seth and Amy.”

The Late Late Show

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 12:37 a.m. on CBS, streaming on CBS.com and CBS All Access

James Corden’s Late Late Show has yet to resume new episodes, though Corden hosted a special dubbed Homefest from his garage on March 30 featuring virtual performances from BTS, Dua Lipa, Ben Platt, and more. For now, you can still catch reruns from earlier this year in the show’s regular time slot.

Last Week Tonight

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Sundays at 11 p.m. on HBO, streaming on HBO Go, HBO Now, and YouTube

John Oliver took exactly one week off before Last Week Tonight returned, broadcasting from the “blank white void full of sad facts” where he apparently resides. The shift in venue hasn’t changed the final show much beyond the absence of a studio audience; Last Week Tonight rarely features guests, relying instead on Oliver’s scathing takes on the week’s news, a desk, and some well-chosen graphics.

Full Frontal

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on TBS, streaming on TBS.com

The intrepid Samantha Bee has been able to get outside for Full Frontal — though only to her own backyard. It’s a nice change of pace, as Bee noted: “If there’s one takeaway from the videos the other late-night hosts put out, it’s that they have incredible homes. But I can do you one better,” she said. “I’ve got a woodshed.” And she’s embraced the apocalypse vibes of our current climate with a pivot into full survival mode. Or at least full survival mode with a camera crew.


WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS, streaming on TBS.com

Conan O’Brien was early on the “resuming production from home” bandwagon, announcing March 18 that Conan would return with new episodes. However, due to a pre-planned hiatus, the first such episode didn’t air until March 30, when most other late-night shows also returned. In the meantime, O’Brien also posted some short videos from quarantine on YouTube, teaching viewers the finer points of DIY home improvementand reporting from an empty street.

The Daily Show

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central, streaming on CC.com

Trevor Noah’s at-home version of The Daily Show, re-dubbed The Daily Social Distancing Show, has given him the opportunity to show off his multicolored hoodie collection, and to conduct a thoughtful interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The show’s correspondents have also continued chipping in, with such segments as Roy Wood Jr.’s social distancing-themed superhero movie above.

Watch What Happens Live!

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Sunday-Thursday at 11 p.m. on Bravo, streaming on BravoTV.com

Despite testing positive for COVID-19, Andy Cohen has soldiered on to continue bringing you Watch What Happens Live!, with all the Vanderpump Rules cast interviews you need to help get you through the quarantine.

Desus & Mero

WHEN/WHERE TO WATCH: Mondays & Thursdays at 11 p.m. on Showtime, streaming on Showtime.com

Broadcasting from separate locations hasn’t hampered Desus Nice and The Kid Mero’s hilarious riffs on current topics, with the duo’s side-by-side video chat displays aided by some nifty graphics work. They, too, scored an interview with Dr. Fauci, and have also continued to weigh in on such important news stories as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo maybe having a nipple piercing.

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