Marvel Comics’ August 2018 solicitations include the first look at which creative team will follow writer Brian Michael Bendis on a Miles Morales Spider-Man comic. Writer Bryan Edward Hill and artists Nelson Blake II and Mark Bagley will publish a hidden tale from Miles’ past in Spider-Man Annual #1.

The solicitation text teases Miles’ involvement in Marvel’s in the 2008 crossover event Secret Invasion, where it was revealed the shape-shifting alien Skrulls impersonated heroes from across the Marvel Universe. The only problem is Miles was an occupant of the Ultimate Universe when Secret Invasion took place, so unless the annual is from the Ultimate Universe perspective of the event, the story appears to retcon Miles firmly in the Marvel Prime Universe.

Of course, Hill and Blake’s work in Spider-Man Annual #1 doesn’t guarantee the pair will be chronicling Miles’ adventures in an ongoing series going forward, but it does display Marvel’s faith in the character, and how he won’t disappear once Bendis begins his exclusive agreement with DC Comics. Fans will have to keep reading to see whether the one-shot’s story leads to bigger and better things for Miles Morales moving forward.

Below is the cover and solicitation text for Spider-Man Annual #1, on sale in August from Marvel Comics.

  • Bryan Edward Hill (W)
  • Nelson Blake II with Mark Bagley (A)
  • Cover by Kris Anka
  • Before he wore the webs, he was just Miles Morales: newly-minted Brooklyn Visions Academy student with hidden spider powers! When a Secret Invasion of Skrulls turns Manhattan upside down, Miles must choose: do his great powers come with great responsibility? A mysterious new chapter for Miles is unveiled by rising superstars Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics) and Nelson Blake II (Marvel New Year’s Eve Special)
  • 40 PGS./RATED T+ …$4.99