‘Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter’ by HVE Client Olivia Cuartero-Briggs was named one of io9’s Best Comics of 2019

By James Whitbrook and Charles Pulliam-Moore

Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter, Aftershock Comics

The specific details of what exactly went down during the time when Mary Godwin and her soon-to-be-husband Percy Bysshe Shelley journeyed across Europe with Lord Byron and Claire Clairemont are shrouded in mystery due to the fact the only records of their travels—entries in Mary’s journals—became rather irregular until she returned to London about a year later. 

What we know from the historical record is that it was during this time that Godwin wrote the first manuscript for her famed novel, Frankenstein, but the truth is more complicated in Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter, a charming twist on the author’s life that instead imagines a world in which her writings were directly influenced by her very real encounter with the dreadfully supernatural one night while she and her companions are forced to hide out in an abandoned castle. It’s the sort of tale you can imagine Shelley herself getting quite the kick out of were she ever to have the chance to read it, and it makes you appreciate just how much her work has influenced the whole of modern horror.

Creative Team: Adam Glass, Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, Hayden Sherman