Scott Pilgrim’s Mae Whitman Stars in New Horror Podcast The Sisters

When it comes to the bizarre and the macabre, Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum is one of the most iconic collections of unsettling artifacts, with the museum helping serve as the inspiration for the all-new podcast The Sisters. Not only does the location help inspire the new series, but the events of the series are inspired by real events. The Sisters stars Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s Mae Whitman, as well as Helen Baxendale (Friends) and David Morrissey (The Walking Dead). The Sisters is the latest entry into Realm‘s Undertow series. The Sisters will be premiering through Realm on September 22nd.

Per press release, “Inspired by real events, The Sisters follows Frankie Bradshaw (Whitman) who is the curator of ‘The Mutter’ museum — home of a collection of medical oddities in Philadelphia. When a mysterious skeleton is delivered without explanation, Frankie has her world turned upside down. Eager to discover its origins, she is sucked into a community of Devil worshippers and occultists, as her own demons come back to haunt her.”

Fred Greenhalgh, creator and host of Undertow, shared in a statement, “The team at Goldhawk has made some of the most gripping fiction podcasts that exist. With Sisters they prove that their storytelling chops extend into horror as they take us on a dark ride through a story where the truth really is stranger than fiction.”

“When I first heard of the real-life sisters, I knew I had to make this podcast,” John Scott Dryden, Executive Producer, added. “If you’re a skeptic about ghosts and the paranormal, listening to this podcast probably makes you think again.”

The Sisters was created by Brett Neichen & John Scott Dryden of Goldhawk Productions, the production company behind a number of successful audio dramas, such as Passenger List, Mumbai Crime, Audible’s Young Blood, and BBC Sounds’ The Cipher.

Episodes of The Sisters release weekly on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Two episodes will be available everywhere on premiere day with additional episodes available in full and ad-free for subscribers to Realm+ and Realm Unlimited.

The Sisters is a Realm Original produced by Goldhawk Production in association with Lights Out. It was created by Brett Neichin and written by Brett Neichin, John Scott Dryden, and Mac Rogers. Produced by John Brooks, Fred Greenhalgh, Nicole Otto, and Emma Hearn. Executive produced by John Scott Dryden, Molly Barton, Marci Wiseman, and Julian Yap. Directed by John Scott Dryden. Executive in charge for Realm: John Brooks.

The Sisters stars Mae Whitman, Helen Baxendale, David Morrissey, Miles Heizer, Lee Ingleby, Rob Jarvis, Orla McDonagh, Lacey Findlow, Theo Ogundipe, Carin Chea, David Holt, Chris Anderson, Akie Kotabe, Eric Meyers, Walles Hamonde, Nathan Osgood, Lola Wayne, Sophia Del Pizzo, Annabelle Dowler, Jennifer Armour, Eric Sirakian, Ramanique Ahluwalia, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Clare Corbett, Grant Burgin, and Laurel Lefkow.

The Sisters will be premiering through Realm on September 22nd.