What to expect from Doctor Who, Fargo, Loki, and 56 other fall shows

From new shows to returning favorites, here’s a rundown of television this fall.

There’s no way around it: Fall TV looks a bit different this year. With the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, a number of news shows have been pushed. (Echo, anyone?) And a number of returning shows simply won’t return … yet. (You’ll have to wait a little while longer for your beloved One Chicago series.) But that’s not to say that this fall is a lost cause.

First up, we have the exciting returns of shows like LokiSex EducationDoom Patrol, and Fargo, among many others. And then there are the new offerings, which include the likes of Lawmen: Bass ReevesScott Pilgrim Takes OffThe Fall of the House of UsherThe Other Black GirlThe Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, and even the return of Frasier Crane.

In other words: You’re television viewing habits are going to be well served. Want proof? Get intel on 59 new and returning shows below.

Black Cake (Nov. 1, Hulu)

Eleanor Bennett (Chipo Chung) has a story to tell. Black Cake, based on Charmaine Wilkerson’s 2022 novel, is a family drama wrapped up in a murder mystery. Eleanor’s adult children find out the previously concealed truth about her life through a series of recordings after her death. We meet Covey (Elenaor’s younger self played by Mia Issac) as a runaway bride in the 1960s fleeing Jamaica after a murder at the wedding and follow as she travels the world on a journey that eventually leads her to Eleanor’s present. “We will know who committed the murder by the end of the first season and we return to the murder throughout from multiple perspectives as we clear suspects,” creator Marissa Jo Cerar teases. Black Cake adds to the original text by expanding the story, but Cerar promises that the changes “honor the book.” —A.Y.